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allie, 15, california, chipotle enthusiast. previously rnaxvandenburg and firelorde.
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favorite artist/band?

  • well see the thing is i’ve never been patient enough to recognize a band’s entire discography or anything or have heard every song i like them in phases of songs but i guess it would probably be all time low

favorite book in non series?

  • anything by markus zusak or i also liked to kill a mockingbird

do you like kesha

  • no, not really. it doesn’t really have much to do with her lyrics (idk i can’t stand the majority of male rappers either) or what i think of her as a person, i just really am not a fan of her music

are you hot right now

  • not really i just got out of the shower and it’s night rn

dog or cat person?

  • idk i can’t bring myself to feel attachment for animals and it’s always made me feel so bad

do you like your middle name if you have one

  • i don’t have a middle name

hardcover or paperback

  • idk i just buy whichever edition is most convenient for me to buy at the moment; i guess usually paperback when i can because they’re cheaper/more lightweight or kindle books but i don’t really have a preference

favorite youtubers if any

  • well idk i used to watch nigahiga and shane dawson years ago but i just don’t care about youtube and usually avoid it though not like purposefully

time you usually go to sleep

  • usually it ends up being around 10 

any siblings

  • i have a brother who’s 7

favorite color

  • i honestly don’t know
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